Twitter Developing ‘Save for Later’ Bookmark Feature

Twitter has begun work on a ‘save for later’ aka bookmarking feature that will form its own dedicated section, its employees – including product VP Keith Coleman – have revealed. It will allow users to keep a separate list of items they wish to refer to, instead of using the new heart button, formerly the star.

In a series of tweets posted on Monday night in the US, Coleman and product manager Jesar Shah said that the bookmarking feature has long been a top request, especially in Japan. Shah showed an early prototypethat was built during Twitter’s internal Hack Week, which she said “is likely to change”.

Both Coleman and Shah emphasised that they would be relying on community feedback to flesh out the new tool, and encouraged users to tweet at them with the #SaveForLater hashtag. It’s interesting given that’s how some of Twitter’s best features, such as the “@” mention and retweet, have also come out of community decisions.

That hasn’t always been the case, including some recent controversial decisions: the new reply format that hides user handles, not counting handles and image links as part of the character count, and doubling the word count from 140 to 280 characters recently.

There’s no word on when the new bookmark tool will be officially rolled out, but Shah said to follow product designer Tina Koyama and her for future updates.

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